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Cheese Factory Benefits Financially From Lighting

Cheese Factory Benefits Financially From Lighting

Keeping operating costs low is a high priority for any business. And saving on energy bills is just one way to accomplish this task. A lighting retrofit program offered by two neighboring municipal utilities helped an international dairy products manufacturer save energy, lower utility bills, and improve the lighting quality throughout its buildings.

School Finds Energy Savings In Lighting Retrofit

School Finds Energy Savings In Lighting Retrofit

Central Lyon Schools took another leap forward in energy efficiency when they replaced their old, inefficient lighting with new high efficiency lighting, resulting in energy savings, lower utility bills, and better light quality throughout the building.

Detroit Lakes Public Utilities Adds EE Programs

The City of Detroit Lakes recently presented Essentia Health St. Mary’s Detroit Lakes with a check in the amount of $13,375 for their recently completed renovation. The City partnered with the Hospital and Clinic due to their energy efficiency upgrades to cooling equipment, motor controls, high efficiency pumps, and premium motors. Not only will these investments help the facility save money by reducing overall electric usage, they also show a commitment to conserving valuable resources.

Moorhead Public Service Issues $44,580 In Rebates

Moorhead Public Service (MPS) recently awarded more than $44,000 in rebate checks for energy conservation to American Crystal Sugar Company as part of the Bright Energy Solutions® program. Earlier this year, in conjunction with MPS’ Bright Energy Solutions® program, American Crystal Sugar Company upgraded several of their process motors with variable frequency drives. This upgrade project will save the factory an estimated 863,081 kilowatt hours per year.

Central Lyon School Gets Comfort And Cash

Energy efficiency got a boost at Central Lyon Elementary School when the school district completed a heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) upgrade over the winter. The project will save the district energy and money and will increase comfort levels for students and teachers. The school’s old HVAC system required numerous repairs each year and the vents no longer operated automatically. During hot or cold weather, maintenance personnel had to climb up on the roof to manually open or close the vents to control the temperature in classrooms and hallways. Even with their best efforts, some rooms remained too hot while others were too cool.