Bright Energy Solutions

Azure Eye Clinic gets rebate and recognition from Wadena Light and Water

Wadena Light and Water presented Azure Eye Clinic a check in the amount of $3,536.70 as part of the Bright Energy Solutions® rebate program. This program encourages energy efficient choices by offering cash incentives for qualifying equipment. The ultimate goal of this program is to help customers, like this new eye care center, save money on their electrical usage and help control the use of a valuable resource. 

Dr. Tim Neitzke, owner of Azure Eye Clinic, knew he wanted to build an eye clinic that used the best equipment in the industry today. He not only chose state-of-the-art medical equipment, but the latest and best in lighting as well. Neitzke chose ENERGY STAR® LED lighting in patient rooms, around workspaces, and on their displays throughout the building. As a result, the eye clinic will save almost 41,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually and reduce their monthly peak demand by 9.01 kilowatt-hours. These savings are enough to provide electricity to 2.6 homes annually or the equivalent of removing six cars from the road.

In addition to rebating efficient lighting, Wadena Light and Water offers free walk-throughs for their commercial customers to help them understand their electrical rates, usage, and ways to reduce their consumption. These visits provide valuable data on how customers are able to reduce their utility bills for many years to come. 

To apply for cash incentives, customers must complete an application form and provide the required documentation to Wadena Light and Water. The utility currently offers cash rebates to qualified customers for many commercial and industrial programs. Wadena Light and Power also offers rebates for some residential appliances, lighting, and heating and cooling equipment.

Bright Energy Solutions is offered to customers of participating municipal utilities who are members of Missouri River Energy Services.  For more information about the Bright Energy Solutions incentives, or to schedule a business energy-conservation walk-through, contact the utility at 218-631-7712, or visit