Bright Energy Solutions

Pembina County Memorial Hospital Receives Rebates

Pembina County Memorial Hospital recently completed a project that involved energy efficiency upgrades to the lighting in their facility. The hospital was able to apply for rebates from Cavalier Municipal Utilities. CMU provided $8,860 in rebates to the hospital. 

The total estimated savings for this project is 32.23 kW demand monthly and 224,138 kWh in energy annually. In addition to energy savings, the facilities have new fixtures and bulbs that have a longer life than previous technology, which also saves on maintenance costs in the future.

The Bright Energy Solutions® program helps our customers get the most from their energy dollars by installing proven energy-efficient technologies," said Cavalier City Auditor Katie Werner. "Our utility is committed to playing a key role in promoting energy efficiency, and Bright Energy Solutions is just one of the innovative ways we can help customers realize energy savings in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner, today and well into the future."