Bright Energy Solutions

SCMU delivers energy efficiency rebate to Interstates

Sioux Center Municipal Utilities presented local company Interstates a $20,557 rebate check this week for choosing energy-efficient technology in their new office building in Sioux Center.

The energy rebates are part of the Bright Energy Solutions program, which offers cash incentives to business and residential energy customers of community-owned utilities who chose qualifying energy-efficient equipment.

“Interstates’ choices contribute to reducing our community’s peak energy demand, which helps keep energy costs lower for us all,” said Josh Dorhout, who administers the Bright Energy Solutions program at Sioux Center Municipal Utilities. “It also sets them up to save energy and money long-term.”

Interstates chose energy-saving technology including an air conditioning system that uses stored ice to help cool air, variable-frequency drives on motors that create efficiencies, LED office and task lighting, and high-efficiency boilers for heating in their new office building, which opened in 2019.

“When we were presented with an opportunity that could help reduce the community’s peak energy demand while also furthering our sustainability efforts as a company, it just made sense,” Blair Harp, Asset Manager for Interstates said. “Long-term operating costs are significant for larger office buildings – programs like this incentivize us to make long-term financial decisions by easing the upfront burden. It’s a win-win for owners and the community.”