Bright Energy Solutions


RECYCLE – It’s the Perfect Ending!

Reducing consumption and recycling are ways that we all can lessen our environmental impact and be kind to our earth.

Older electric products in homes, schools, and businesses are much less efficient than today’s ENERGY STAR® qualified or high efficiency models. When you replace your old, inefficient electric equipment with new high-efficiency equipment, you will save energy and money and will help to conserve our natural resources.

The Bright Energy Solutions incentive programs require that old equipment must be properly disposed of or recycled in accordance with applicable state and federal regulations. Help to protect the environment by properly recycling your old electric products.

For information on recyclers that serve your community, click on Find a Participating Dealer, Find a Participating Dealer, and under Program, search for Recyclers. Or, click on the link below and enter the type of equipment you would like to recycle and your zip code. If there is no recycler for your area, contact your local landfill or waste management provider.